Siemens Wireless Pabx



This Siemens Wireless pabx system comes with standard connection to IP, one ISDN Line (1 Bri ISDN line is equivalent to 2 normal lines) or 1 Analog Trunk to connect to the base unit (Siemens Gigaset DX800A). It acts as a DECT base station for connection of SIEMENS DECT enabled cordless phones. If you do not have an ISDN line converting you main number from analogue is easy.

With this ISDN line one can apply to Telkom for Multi Subscriber Numbers (MSN) and then one is able to assign specific MSN numbers to specific hansets (DDI-Direct incoming dialing). Telkom issues groups of MSN numbers at an additional cost to the ISDN line.

The Gigaset DX800A allows a total of 8 extensions (1 fixed secretary phone, 6 Dect Gigaset  cordless handset extensions plus 1 cabled analogue extension (for fax or telephone handset). Two answering machine options are available and these can take messages or leave a recorded announcement. You can even set up specific hours for receiving calls. Out of the office- the Gigaset DX800A can also forward calls on to you.

For larger homes or offices the Gigaset DX800A can also connect up to 6 Gigaset Repeaters to it thus extending the mobile talk range.

* Up to 640 characters SMS option available
* Use up to 6 Siemens Gigaset mobile handsets
* Connect using Bluetooth technology to your mobile phone, headset or PC
* Integrated answering machine included

The Siemens Gigaset DX800A ISDN switchboard is probably the most complete ISDN telephone there is. Great value for money and ideal for the home user or small office.

This Gigaset cordless extendable basestation with an integrated answering machine for up to 6 handsets enables
wireless online access and supports Bluetooth technology.

A really powerful bluetooth feature: simply dock your mobile phone to your Gigaset via the Bluetooth interface. You
then make or take incoming calls with your mobile on your Gigaset handset.

Enjoy superior Siemens Gigaset DECT sound quality while keeping your mobile in a place with optimal reception.

Siemens Wireless Pabx Gigaset DX800A Base station features:

*graphic illuminated display
*speed dialing 6 keys
*MWI key flashes for missed calls, new SMS or answering machine messages
*Installation wizard makes changes simple
*Max 4 concurrent calls
*Hands free talking and open listening
*Redial last 5 numbers
*Call Manager log list (20 answered/20missed calls)
*Night service time controlled call forwarding
*Call waiting (external / internal calls)
*Tone ringing can be set for each MSN and specific to handset
*Consultation on call hold
*Internal transfer for external calls
*Recall after unsuccessful internal transfer
*100 entry Phonebook
*Transfer phonebook contents between handsets and base station
* Busy line display of B-channel

ISDN features:

*Administration for up to 10 MSNs (auto. MSN recognition)(MSN-MULTI SUBSCRIBER NUMBER)
*Date and time with synchronising via ISDN
*Call number display (CLI)
*Park external calls option
*Call waitingres

Bluetooth features:

*GSM calls to and from Bluetooth mobile phone via base/handset
*Base calls using a Bluetooth headset (instead of handset)
*Internet access via Bluetooth device such as laptop or PDA
*Gigaset Repeater support

Integrated answering machine:
*25 minutes recording time
*New message display
*Call pickup allowed from answering machine

TALK AND SURF PC software (included):

*Operating systems: Windows 98,ME, 2000 and XP
*Configuration for Base station
*Transfer phonebook contents between PC, base and handsets
*Call log of all calls
*Update firmware of base station via USB port
*Internet access allowed
*Fax application driver eg. Winfax


*Indoor Range: 50 m indoors Line of sight 300 m outdoors
*Desktop Unit
*220v External power supply unit
*Base station (WxHxD) 240 x 82 x 210 mm
*Colour Espresso
*Weight approx 706g

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