A VOIP PABX Phone System using fibre, ADSL or LTe for the small office – home office offering voice and internet access all in one

voip pabx

VOIP PABX:  VOIP lines + multiple extensions

The ip pabx communications system offers you voice, data and broadband in one desktop unit, with a contemporary design that is an attractive feature in any office.

Running a business from home or have a small office? the ideal system that satisfies both office and household needs. This fully featured telephone PABX system provides you with true savings using two PSTN phone lines supporting multiple extensions. The VOIP PABX allows you to increase the capacity of the system by adding two Voice over IP (VOIP) lines at a fraction of the cost of additional PSTN phone lines.

A professional telephone PABX system with broadband and data communications in a single integrated secure solution. This coupled with extensive call handling features gives your small office a big office feel.

The IP PABX communications system offers:

* A fully featured telephone system (PBX)
* 6 wireless extensions
* VoIP capability
* Integrated firewall for added security
* Wireless LAN
* Fibre, ADSL or LTe
* SIP router

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