Premicell least cost routers Lcr

Premicell – Least Cost Routers – LCR – Cellular Routers:

What is a Least Cost Router LCR Premicell?

Least Cost Router LCR Premicell is used with a PABX or normal phone using a SIM card to route calls made by fusing the GSM networks saving costs.

Premicell Least Cost Router SS10

How does a Least Cost router LCR Premicell work?

The hardware device re-routes the dialled number of your outgoing call by sending all calls made to cell phones via the cellular network.

Why use a Premicell Least cost router LCR?

As you are probably already aware, it is very expensive to call a cell phone from a landline.  Cellular Least Cost Routing allows companies to save money by turning all landline-to-cell phone calls into cell phone-to-cell phone calls, thus benefiting from much cheaper call rates, and per-second billing offered by the different networkks. The Premicell LCR device uses on-net routing to ensure that all your outgoing call traffic is placed on the cheapest route, at the best possible savings.

All of this is done transparently so that no impact, other than reduced call costs, are noticed by the client.

FARANANI is thus able to facilitate a full-range of Least Cost Routing solutions with attractive savings:

Cellular: up to 30% average savings

National (>50km): up to 20% savings

What are the benefits to our clients using Premicell Least cost routers LCR?
·        Protection from Mobile Number Portability
·        Full maintenence support – 24 hour turn-around
·        Monthly Savings Graph and Billing Analysis Report
·        Detailed Itemised Bill sent via email
·        Web Access to your account for Free

Why use Least Cost Routers Premicell LCR? Why not use the new VoIP technology to route calls?

Given the current state and cost of bandwidth in South Africa Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology does not yet achieve the voice quality and savings we believe is required from a commercial product. Also many areas still have no infrastructure but have access to GSM networks.

We are however keeping abreast with developments in the VOIP market and we can give our clients the assurance that as soon as the VOIP routing solution option makes commercial sense we will migrate all our LCR packages and service to our VoIP platform.


1) FARANANI with its LCR Partner is able to offer clients a “Savings Agreement”.
2) No Savings for two consecutive months and we remove our equipment with no penalty to the client
3) No support costs. The agreement is inclusive of all maintenance and support issues.

Call us today and ask a FARANANI consultant to give you an accurate picture of exactly where your money is being spent and the possible monthly savings you can expect, essential for making an informed decision regarding the benefit of our service.