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Siemens OpenStage Phones-Digital & IP:

The Siemens OpenStage phones family consists of the following both digital and IP phones:

Siemens Openstage Digital Phones:

* OpenStage 10 T
* OpenStage 15 T
* OpenStage 20 T
* OpenStage 40 T
* OpenStage 60 T
* OpenStage 80 T

Siemens Openstage SIP Phones:

* OpenStage 10 SIP
* OpenStage 15 SIP
* OpenStage 20 SIP
* OpenStage 40 SIP
* OpenStage 60 SIP
* OpenStage 80 SIP

All SIP phones are POe enabled.

The Siemens Openstage phones have now replaced the Siemens Optipoint range of telephones. There are still a few Siemens optipoint 500 Advances available. The Siemens Openstage can be integrated into most Siemens HiPath phone systems however one needs to make sure of the system firmware before ordering.

The Openstage 40T is equipped with Bluetooth and supports object push protocol, which means users can optionally use a Bluetooth headset instead of the phones handset, or OpenStage can bidirectionally exchange contact information with a mobile phone.

OpenStage also has a high-quality built-in speakerphone, capable of supporting large group conferencing without a specialized conference phone. Siemens developed the audio technology from the ground up, taking advantage of the phone’s large form factor to house a large, high-quality speaker, and a top quality microphone.

The OpenStage platform support on-phone personal directories -populated by Bluetooth communications with a mobile phone, or from a user’s PC-based Outlook or other directory, either using special synchronization software. It also supports (and provides access to) LDAP-based corporate directories over the IP network.

The OpenStage family have a wide common feature set

* Full-duplex hands-free talking (except Openstage 10T)
* Tiltable display – except OpenStage 10 T (no display) and OpenStage 15 T (not tiltable)
* 12 Key Keypad
* Colors for housings available are ice blue and lava.

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